Eternal Midnight

Hairy Negotiations

Using the map Jarmaag Fireseer supplied them, the Heroes of Pakkin’s Folly entered Rathos’ hideout through a set of crypts. Once inside the hideout, a trapped floor panel was triggered, releasing four gricks from a nearby cage. Four bugbear warriors joined the battle – from a hidden room – a short time later.

From there, they further explored the hideout, savagely attacking a sleeping bugbear, who identified himself as Dak, the guard sergeant. They asked about Rathos’ location and he directed them through a nearby hallway to a bar. Caiphon then quickly ended Dak’s life.

Of course, the hallway was trapped, loaded with poison dart ports. After more exploration, Jarek encountered Kralldar, an Oni Night Haunter, who also served as the hideout’s torturer. After speaking with Jarek and mistaking him for an envoy from the vampire lords, Kralldar led the companions to the bar room. He summoned Rathos, who entered with two displacer beasts at his side.

Clearly, they were outmatched.

Rathos wanted to know why he shouldn’t kill the heroes then and there. Jarek offered a compelling argument, noting that they were sent by Rathos’ rival to kill him and that they’d walk away from it all peacefully. Rathos countered with a proposal of his own: they could wager their freedom on a game of chance. If they won, they could leave and Rathos would forgive their intrusion. If they failed, Rathos would kill them and feed them to his pets.

The heroes distracted Rathos with more talk, instead offering up the face that they were there to overthrow the Vampire Lords and that in order to do that, they needed the Bloodghost Syndicate to ignore them. Jarek admitted his motivation was vendetta against Lord Miroslav, the man who murdered his mother. For proof, Jarek described the location of Jarmaag’s hideout in detail.

Rathos continued pushing for the game of chance, forcing Jarek to finally admit that Jarmaag sent them to kill him, on order from Rathos’ own mother, Graala. This sent Rathos into a rage. He flung his tankard of ale across the room and it shattered on the wall. He leapt to his feet and offered a new deal: the heroes leave immediately, kill Jaarmag, and never return to the Bugbear portion of Jakkra City and Rathos would consider them “even.”

From there, Rathos moved to the door of the room, pulled an ornate key from his pocket, inserted it into the door and opened it. They were looking through the front door of Jarmaag’s house. Rathos turned to the heroes, looking for an answer.

Reluctantly they rose, and passed through the door, ready to kill Jaarmag.



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