Eternal Midnight

Incident at Fainglow Monastery

After moving the villagers of Pakkin’s Folly to a series of nearby caves, the heroes set off to Fainglow Monastery on foot. Shortly after setting off, Willem confronted Jarek, accusing him of being a vampire. Jarek invited Williem to test him, and Willem promptly used Turn Undead on the stranger. Nothing happened, yet Willem remained suspicious.

The trek was difficult, and things became even more troublesome when a group of five Shifters emerged from the forest and blocked their path.

James quickly realized they were led by Garruhhgarr, chieftan of the Hugrugag tribe. Garrhhugarr accused them of being responsible for the darkness and told them to return to their village. The heroes negotiated with the shifters, and convinced them they were not to blame for the darkness and actively working to eliminate it. The shifters were so impressed by the heroes, that they revealed a hidden path to the monastery, cutting their travel time in half.

When they arrived at Fainglow, the found the grounds in ruin. The dormitories and outbuildings were wrecked, ruined and burning. Dead bodies of Paladins, Priests, and Clerics littered the area. Caiphon and Willem were distraught by the sight, but pressed on. They reached the main temple to find it was magically sealed. Nine stones and the inscription “Only the genesis of your faith will allow you to pass.” James realized the stones spelled “OF ELYSIUM” and the temple doors swung open.

Inside were more signs of slaughter. Jarek refused to enter, and then relented after a brief confrontation with Willem. As they moved through the empty halls, the men felt like they were being watched and followed. Their suspicions were confirmed once they entered the main hall and were attacked by creatures of the undead — A Deathlock Wight, Tomb Motes, and Skeletons. The battle was fierce and Willem briefly fell in combat.

After the battle, Caiphon recalled the room being bigger. After discovering another magic seal obscuring a hallway, the group encountered Endrin, the monastery’s librarian and apparent sole survivor of the massacre. He was praying inside a sacred circle of protection. He revealed to the group that when the attack started, he was hurried into the library and sealed inside to serve as protector and steward of the ancient volumes.

The heroes related their journey so far, and Endrin found them the Tome of the Vampyr, detailing how the creatures are created and defeated. He also revealed a large treasure trove, passing them off to the heroes.

They helped the librarian gather his things and returned to the caves outside of Pakkin’s Folly. The villagers were excited at the sight of Endrin, and many struggled to touch him, thinking his appearance was a sign from Pelor. After discussing it, the heroes decided their next move would be to check on Reeve Krayth Manoli and clear the undead out of the village while Endrin researched a ritual that would cancel the darkness, at least over Pakkin’s Folly.



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