Eternal Midnight

Stop the Press

The Press Gang attacks!

After an all-night celebration with the Hugragag Tribe, the heroes took their leave and got some much-needed sleep. Their relaxation was short-lived, however, as a piercing scream awoke the entire camp a few hours later. Caiphon left his tent and walked into utter chaos, as Pakkin’s Folly refugees ran in a panic and angry shifters created a defensive wall on the edge of camp.

Caiphon made his way through the throng of people to find The Press Gang holding an eldery woman captive.

“Send your human champions out,” hissed Del Laursten, “and we won’t kill this old woman.”

Caiphon’s compatriots quickly joined him.

“Let her go and we’ll let you live,” James Crowleaf replied.

All four members of The Press Gang laughed.

Not wanting to negotiate any further, Caiphon rushed into battle, targeting Del. Lacking any emotion, Zarrag slit the old woman’s throat and charged James. In the heat of battle, Caiphon actually healed the elderly woman, but it was all for naught—she was Tolg Longshanks in disguise.

The fight was long and brutal. And before it had ended, both Twelgar and Rolf Oresplitter had left their mark, leaving Willem Talhart and Caiphon with near fatal wounds. James dropped Rolf before he could escape, and after receiving medical attention, Caiphon questioned the Dwarf, who, in between curses, revealed Tolg had infiltrated them and provided The Press Gang with the Heroes’ location.

James silently dispatched Rolf, and after another night of uneasy sleep, the group decided to head into Jakkra City via the sewers to put a stop to The Bloodghost Syndicate.



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