Eternal Midnight

Thunderstorm warning

After searching the alley, Caiphon discovered the ritual Mord sent them after was indeed hidden there. They patched up Regdar, who was hurt in the melee, and set off to gather supplies. They returned to the cave with the goods, and Brel used the newly-found ritual to ward the caves from an undead assault.

Meanwhile, James and Caiphon searched for Mord amongst the townsfolk, hoping to ask him some questions about his role in the apparent ambush. Mord was nowhere to be found. James had Captain Anthad do a head count, and it was quickly determined that while Mord may be missing, the number of people in the caves had not changed. Caiphon and James worried there was magic at work or worse—some sort of shape changer was in their midst. As a result Brel did a quick spell to detect magic and found none, further intensifying the worry.

From there, the group set out, with Jarek Irenka in tow, to the Hugragag Tribe’s camp.

As they neared the camp, James noticed they were being stalked by a cautious Hugragag brave. He quietly advised the group not to make any sudden or threatening moves. Shortly thereafter, Garruhhgarr and four of his brethren appeared, blocking their passage.

James explained their intent, that they had hoped Garruhhgarr would allow the refugees of Pakkin’s Folly to stay with the Hugragag. Several of the braves with Garruhhgarr laughed and chuffed at James’ suggestion, but Garruhhgarr led the group into camp regardless.

Once inside the camp, Garruhhgarr met with the Hugragag council. He returned, telling the group that the council was divided and the only way for him to gain absolute sway with the council was through the trial of Thunderclap. Garruhhgarr said the rules of the trial allowed him to appoint a champion or champions to participate.

He indicated that in a cave nearby was a token that symbolized undisputed leadership. If the group — his champions — could return from the cave with the token, he would be able to allow the citizens of Pakkin’s Folly to stay with the tribe.

The group descended into the cave and faced several hazards within, including a spear gauntlet, a test of wits dealing with a magically infused river and overhang, and deathspores. As they made it through the field of fungi, the tunnel opened wide into a large, high ceilinged room. Inside was Thunderclap himself, a young adamantine dragon.

The group tried to negotiate with Thunderclap, but the dragon would not give up the token under any circumstances. As a result, Jarek charged the dragon and began a brutal fight. The group ultimately won the battle and recovered the token, a few other magical items, and a horde of treasure. Jarek and James also insisted on decapitating the dragon’s corpse, in order to use the head as a gift to present to the Hugragag tribe. They also found a ladder that lead up and out of Thunderclap’s lair and returned to the tribe.

Garruhhgarr received the token graciously, and the tribe celebrated. The group then returned to the hunting caves and brought the villagers back to the tribe’s encampment.



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