Eternal Midnight

Town Hall Meeting

As the heroes crossed Pakkin’s Folly, a gruff voice called out to them. A hulking figure emerged from the shadows, with partially healed wounds all over his body. It was Yannit, the Vampire spawn they encountered days ago. He was clearly spoiling for a fight and ready for revenge. The battle was brutal, with Regdar falling in combat until Caiphon revived him.

Realizing Yannit would continue to regenerate until he suffered a fatal wound in direct sunlight, Brel suggested dismembering the spawn. Further, James suggested throwing Yannit’s remains into the fountain which sat on the site of the original well Dar Pakkin set when he founded Pakkin’s Folly. Together, they moved the fountain’s center column that exposed the well and tossed the parts in.

From there, they crossed the square to the town hall. As they neared the structure, they began to sense something wrong. There was a buzzing at the back of their necks. Their heads felt thick. The closer they got, the more intense the feeling became.

Then, outside the steps, James heard a voice inside his head. “Come no closer,” it said. “Inside is only death.”

As Caiphon rounded the right front corner of the building, he heard the voice inside his head as well. “Go no further, Caiphon. Pelor has forsaken you.” Caiphon began growing agitated.

And as Regdar climbed the steps, the voice rang out in his head, too. “They know you’re a freak, Regdar. They know your magic isn’t natural.” Frustrated, he kicked in the door. Swarms of crawling claws poured over every surface, surging towards him. Skeltal archers sprang up from the benches and let their arrows fly.

The battle was brutal and protracted. Caiphon fought his way into the hall. As he neared the podium at the head of the room, an unseen force threw him across the room, smashing him into the wall and further pummeling him with psychic power. Something possessed Regdar and caused him to lash out at his friends. Brel dissipated the swarms with thunder waves. Throughout the course of the battle, the voice in their heads grew increasingly louder, encouraging them to leave.

After the swarms and archers fell, Brel rushed the podium and, after using a quick flash of light discovered Lord Graw was a nothing more than a brain with powerful psychic abilities inside a jar. The former mage was no match against their combined efforts. His jar was quickly ruptured and his psychic energy dispersed.

They searched and cleared the building and then returned to the village streets, only to see an flaming arrow spark in the night sky, from the direction of the hunting caves. It was the signal James had arranged with his wife, Mira if there was danger. Harried, the group set off into the forest.



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