Hendric Tallhart

Large, black haired man. Well-muscled. Nearly 60, but doesn't look a day over 40


Hendric is the blacksmith of Pakkin’s Folly. He is the father of Willem Talhart, and is one of many in a long line of blacksmiths. His great, great grandfather supposedly moved to Pakkin’s Folly shortly after Dar Pakkin founded the city.

Hendric has four children. The eldest, a boy named Beorn, has taken up the family tradition of blacksmithing, and is approaching the age to take over his father’s business. The second, now a young woman, named Marta, has recently married the son of the owner of the most famous tavern in the area, The Dancing Fool, in a village nearby named Thurbin’s Rest. Willem is the third child. The youngest child is a girl of 10, named Vala, Hendrc’s wife, Alys, was too old to try to bear another child, and died giving birth to her. He isn’t angry about the loss of his wife, he honestly loves all off his children dearly, he is a good father.

Hendric is one of the survivors of the vampires’ initial attack.

Hendric Tallhart

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