Willem Talhart

6'2", 205 lbs., very stocky from years of working at a forge, he is bald, and has a large facial scar


Strength: 14 Constitution: 13 Dexterity: 12 Intelligence: 13 Wisdom: 17 Charisma: 13

AC:17 (CHAIN MAIL, AND A SHIELD) Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 13 Willpower: 16 HP: 25

Acrobatics: 0 Arcana: 6 Athletics: 1 Bluff: 1 Diplomacy: 1 Dungeoneering: 3 Endurance: 0 Heal: 8 History: 6 Insight: 8 Intimidate: 1 Nature: 3 Perception: 3 Religion: 6 Stealth: 0 Streewise: 1 Thievery: 0

Warhammer 1d10+2 damage, holy symbol of Pelor

At-Will Powers Righteous Brand Lance of Faith Priest’s Shield

Encounter Powers Divine Fortune Turn Undead Healing Word Healing Strike

Daily Powers Cascade of Light

Rituals Gentle Repose Comprehend Language


Willem was born in the bright of a midmorning, in the summer months. He is the third child of four that belongs to Hendric Tallhart the blacksmith of Pakkin’s Folly. The eldest, a boy named Beorn, has taken up the family tradition of blacksmithing, and is approaching the age to take over his father’s business. The second, now a young woman, named Marta, has recently married the son of the owner of the most famous tavern in the area, The Dancing Fool, in a village nearby named Thurbin’s Rest( it lies about 3 leagues south east of Pakkin’s Folly). The youngest child is a girl of 10, named Vala, Hendrc’s wife, Alys, was too old to try to bear another child, and died giving birth to her. He isn’t angry about the loss of his wife, he honestly loves all off his children dearly, he is a good father.

Willem was a trial for the Talharts at a very early age. Intensely curious, he was always doing something he shouldn’t be doing, in a place he shouldn’t have been. He very nearly burned down his father’s shop on multiple occasions. When he was 10 he fell down the well. Thus far that has been the most frightening incident of his life. He lost sight of the sun, and the the sky, and he was completely afraid. Willem, to this day swears that something terrible is alive down there. He swears something whispered to him in the dark. He also cut his face very badly in the fall, he still wears the scar. Willem has been plagued with nightmares since the incident. At the age of 13 he told his father he had no intention of becoming a blacksmith, and that he wanted to go, and learn with the monks of Pelor at the nearby monastery. Hendric, loving his son, and wanting to see him happy, sent him on his way, with his blessing.

Willem was an excellent student. His natural curiosity aided him greatly in his studies, it also earned him a lot of time in the stocks, and scullery. Willem spent 5 years with the monks, and in that time he found peace. The nightmares that haunted his nights disappeared, and he finally gave his faith to Pelor, and at the young age of 17 became a fully anointed cleric of the faith. He spent the next 5 years wandering the land shining light into the dark places of the world with his mentor Argosius, and fellow Acolyte Caiphon. He found, and married a young woman named Devona, and they are currently expecting their first child. In light of this he moved back to Pakkin’s Folly to tend the chapel there, and let his child grow up with his grandfather, and aunts and uncle. Only one thing is out of place, his dark dreams have begun again, and Willem doesn’t understand why. Willem is now questioning his faith because of the invasion, and the blackened sky. He feels abandoned by Pelor.

Where will this crisis lead him?

Willem Talhart

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