Tall, attractive and contemplative Chieftan of the Hugragag Tribe


Garruhhgarr has honey-gold fur that is pulled into a ponytail, and intense green eyes. He is supremely muscled even for a Shifter of his age. He is most definitely an impressive physical specimen amongst his race.


When Garruhhgarr was just a whelp, his father was killed by a pack of roving direwolves. As such, Garruhhgarr was a rare exception in his tribe—a fatherless brave. Most of his adolescence was spent struggling to gain the respect of his peers as well as the other braves in his tribe. He excelled at hunting, and pushed himself to achieve and maintain peak physical condition. The taunts he heard on a daily basis grew quieter and quieter the older he grew. On the first day of his 21st year, Garruhhgarr challenged the tribal leader to a trial by combat. After an intensely brutal battle, Garruhhgarr ultimately won after forcing the chieftan to yield rather than face death which had never happened in the history of the Hugrugag Tribe. Garruhhgarr leads with distinction, relying on the wisdom of the tribal elders to guide him. The eternal midnight is a change they had not forseen and it has caused the future of the tribe to be uncertain for the first time in many many years.


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