Lord Graw

A once powerful mage, now only his brain remains


Lord Graw is literally a brain inside a jar.


In his mortal life, Octavius Graw was a wizard seeking enlightenment while aiding the residents of the small mountain village he lived in ages ago. When his wife died suddenly and violently, the human wizard became obsessed with conquering death and finding a way to bring her back. And while he was unable to return his wife to the living planes, he inadvertently extended his own life. A dark ritual killed his body, but sustained his brain, granting it seeming immortality. He spends his days seeking a fitting body that will allow him to continue his dark and arcane research that he believes will one day bring his wife back. As a result, Graw turned to the Vampire Lords, a group he felt knew more about immortality than any other. They were entertained and impressed by his abilities, and he was appointed the new Lord of Pakkin’s Folly as a reward.

Lord Graw

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