Sadistic, hulking Bugbear Strangler


Twelgar stands tall for a bugbear, at nearly 7 feet. He has a notch out of his right ear and a protrusive underbite. He’s fond of wearing leather armor and using a morningstar and rope garrote.


Twelgar rose through the ranks of the Bloodghost Syndicate fairly quickly, becoming “made” when he was in his late teens. He serves as Tolg’s Contact with the Press Gang and prefers to strangle the life out of his victims. He is the newest member of the Press Gang, his membership a gift to the Gang from Gralaa Bloodghost herself. Twelgar is the Gang’s go to member for brutal and visible assassination.

Twelgar was killed when he and the rest of the Press Gang encountered the Heroes of Pakkin’s Folly at the Hugragag Shifter Camp.


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