Rolf Oresplitter

Old, hard-bitten Dwarf Hammerer


Short and stocky with long red hair and a long red beard. Rolf’s eyes suggest there’s not much he hasn’t seen. He carries a warhammer, shield and three throwing hammers, which he is quite adept at using.


Rolf Oresplitter left his mountain home after he accidentally murdered an intruder in his home. Rather than face certain justice, he joined up with the Press Gang, a notorious group of mercenaries. Rolf loves the thrill of combat and enjoys being particularly brutal to overtly weaker opponents. He’s quite fond of using his throwing hammers, especially if combatants try to run from the melee.

Rolf was killed when he and the rest of the Press Gang encountered the Heroes of Pakkin’s Folly at the Hugragag Shifter Camp.

Rolf Oresplitter

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