Tolg Longshanks

Quiet and devious Doppleganger Rogue


Tall, lithe, and muscular, Tolg’s true face was forgotten long ago.


Tolg is one of several doppelgangers who work for the Bloodghost Syndicate. Prior to the Vampire Apocalypse, he served as a petty fence. Since then, he was re-tasked to infiltrate the villagers of Pakkin’s Folly and keep tabs on the Heroes. Tolg did this by leading Mord into the forest, brutally murdering him in cold blood, disposing of his body, and taking his place. From there, he hid in the form of an old woman, escaping detection until the time was right.

In the past, Tolg often hired The Press Gang to carry out dirty work, and when the ambush in Pakkin’s Folly failed, he turned to his compatriots to try and get the job done.

Tolg was killed when he and the rest of the Press Gang encountered the Heroes of Pakkin’s Folly at the Hugragag Shifter Camp.

Tolg Longshanks

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