Rathos Bloodghost

Second in command of the Bloodghost Syndicate


Fat, yet still menacing, Rathos’ beer belly hides his status as a skilled fighter.


Rathos developed a love of the finer things in life as the syndicate’s profits ballooned. An inveterate gambler, he has in the past staked debts owed to the syndicate, the lives of potential assassination victims, and even the freedom of a paladin captured in the Bloodghost’s hideout on a game of cards. He has yet to lose one of these wagers. Rathos speaks with measured, deliberate tones, and he detests direct, physical confrontation. Why fight when a game of chance, accompanied by a platter of fine cheese and dwarven ale, can bring about an equally decisive result?

Rathos sees working with the Vampire Lords as the ultimate gamble in a game of chance where the stakes are the lives of his very family. It was he who suggested swearing fealty to the Vampire Lords. He attempted to keep this information from Graala as long as possible, fearing Graala’s wrath. Graala, however, agreed with Rathos’ decision, as it was clear that all-out war with the Vampire Lords could only result in death.

Rathos Bloodghost

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