Graala Bloodghost

Aged matron of the Bloodghost Syndicate


Graala has greyed due to her age, but she looks like a standard Bugbear in every other sense. She is fond of wearing a hooded cloak.


Graala served as a warrior aboard a pirate galleon under the command of a hobgoblin captain. She and her bugbear kin were shocktroopers and marines, tasked with leading the charge on any boarding action. Graala worked her way up the ranks, and in time she became a personal bodyguard to her captain. She saw firsthand how the captain turned plundered cargo into cash by dealing smugglers, fences, and merchants of flexible morality. It fascinated her that the humans would expend so much effort to track down her kin in the wilds, while within their cities lurked bugbears who posed just as much a threat.

Graala’s assignment also gave her insight into the fabulous wealth that the captain and his coterie enjoyed, while she and the bugbear marines survived on a few coins from each raid. The hobgoblins never led the charge, and they never risked a mariner’s trident through the gut or a swarm of crossbow bolts. The next time she accompanied the captain on a secret rendezvous with a smuggler on the docks of a human city, her bugbear compatriots killed the hobgoblin officers left aboard, waited in ambush for the captain’s return, and killed him. Graala then led the survivors ashore and into the city, but not before arranging for the smuggler to collect on a bounty placed on the captain’s head. Graala claimed half the share, and with the cash liberated from the ship, she founded the Bloodghost syndicate.

Graala maintains a death grip over the syndicate. Rathos might run the day-to-day operations, but she dictates the group’s long-term goals.

Graala Bloodghost

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