Jarmaag Fireseer

Wily Kobold that serves as second in command for the Bloodghost Syndicate


A small and wiry Kobold with palpable cunning. Jarmaag wears elaborate robes and carries a staff with him at all times.


A kobold adopted into the syndicate for his uncanny ability to peer into the future. Several times, his prognostications allowed the syndicate to reap tremendous profits and avoid unwanted entanglements. However his lack of foresight of the Vampire Apocalypse has hurt the Syndicate’s perception of his powers.

Jarmaag was the wizard of his tribe, living a fairly normal existence until the day the tribe was attacked by a hook horror. Several of his brethern were slain and it looked like the entire tribe was going to be eradicated until an almost feral, half-crazed Druel Spikefist emerged from the darkness and fought it off. Glad for the help, Jarmaag assisted Druel’s efforts to defeat the monster. From there, the duo struck up an unlikely friendship. Jarmaag was saavy enough to prey on the Dragonborn’s seeming lack of intelligence, getting Druel to not only watch his back but also do his dirty work for him. In turn, Jarmaag kept Druel well-fed and happy, providing him with impressive weapons and armor.

Eventually the two set out on their own, with Jarmaag seeing a life of wealth and luxury ahead of them thanks to the combination of Jarmaag’s precognition, and Druel’s ruthess and deadly efficiency in a fight. They quickly fell in with The Bloodghost Syndicate and rose through the ranks at an alarmingly fast rate.

Jarmaag currently seeks to unseat Rathos Bloodghost as head of the Syndicate’s day-to-day operations.

Jarmaag Fireseer

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