Druel Spikefist

Enormous hulking Dragonborn


A mute who suffered a severe head wound long ago, Druel grunts and howls like an animal. He has a large scar that runs the course of his grey-scaled head. Druel is heavily armored and is quick to brandish a heavy, dangerous looking blade.


The accident that resulted in Druel being a mute occured shortly after he hatched. During a simple argument, his brother slammed Druel’s head into a stone outcropping, literally cracking the young dragonborn’s skull wide open. From that point forward, when he wasn’t recuperating, Druel was plotting the end of his brother’s life.

He got his chance some 10 years later when strangled his brother to death using only one hand.

From there, Druel fled his village, fearing the repercussions of his actions. He lived in the wilds, at times almost completely feral, until moving into the caves in a mountainous region. It was within those caves that Druel came across a tribe of kobolds being attacked by a hook horror. Half-crazed by his hunger and isolated existence, Druel fought it off with the intent to kill and eat the kobolds himself. However, the tribe’s wizard, Jarmaag Fireseer, assisted Druel’s efforts to defeat the monster. From there, the duo struck up an unlikely friendship. Druel watched Jarmaag’s back (and did the kobold’s dirty work for him) while Jarmaag kept Druel well-fed and happy. Eventually the two set out on their own, with Jarmaag seeing a life of wealth and luxury ahead of them. They quickly fell in with The Bloodghost Syndicate and rose through the ranks at an alarmingly fast rate, thanks in part to Jarmaag’s precognition, and Druel’s ruthess and deadly efficiency in a fight.

Druel Spikefist

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