Hugragag Tribe

A large Shifter tribe, boasting nearly 300 men, women children, led by Garruhhgarr. The tribe lives near the southern border of Pakkin’s Folly and has been known to peacefully trade with the residents from time to time. There is some racial prejudice toward the shifters, however, from Pakkin’s Folly residents. They often derisively refer to Shifters as “Dirt Worshippers.”

The Hugrugag do not believe in material possessions and truly feel that animals are gifts from the Gods themselves. As a result they tend to use every part of an animal they bring down in a hunt, right down to the bones and sinew. Nothing goes to waste. When trading with the humans and other races in and around Pakkin’s Folly, necessity is their chief goal, and they only trade for what the tribe needs—usually tools or metals used to make tools.

Shortly after the Vampire Apocalypse, Garruhhgarr and his kin encountered five humans from Pakkin’s Folly on their way to Fainglow Monastery. Garruhhgarr suspected the humans as responsible for the ritual that blocked out the sun and attempted to hold them accountable. After a short discussion, they realized their true intentions and recognized the five men as allies.

Currently, the tribe is hoarding food and continuing to survive while staying away from civilization as much as possible.

Hugragag Tribe

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