Pakkin's Folly

Pakkin’s Folly Founded 150 years ago by Dar Pakkin, Pakkin’s Folly is a thriving village of 932 people. It is largely made up of humans, with a small variety of other races intermixed. A fountain in the center of town actually marks the original well dug there by Pakkin himself. It is overseen by a noble ruler, Reeve Krayth Manoli. Geographically it lies to the east of Jakkra Castle, which is surrounded by a large and bustling city of the same name. Jakkra City also serves as the seat of King Hogrin’s kingdom. It’s a large urban area, playing host to nearly 25,000 people of a variety of races. The castle and the city are a full day’s ride from Pakkin’s Folly. The Highroad is well traveled and carvans, artisans and other travelers make the trip at any given time.


Pakkin’s folly has a smithy, run by an middle aged man named Hendric. He sells basic weapons and armor for a moderate, yet fair price. A trading house is run by a jovial female halfling named Nethid. She buys, sells and trades hard and soft goods on a regular basis, with a stock that is constantly shifting and evolving. She has been known to stock items of wonder and magic from time to time but they do not remain on the shelves long. There is one Inn/Tavern/Dining Hall. It is run by an elderly human family: Gorm and Rhaa Fadorr. The southern portion of the town is host to a small bazaar and farmer’s market area that is normally very busy based on the season and harvest.

Farmers dwell on the outer edges of the village growing and harvesting a variety of produce and grains. On a monthly basis, public hunting parties venture out into the forests to bring in deer, boar, elk and rabbit. The parties form in the center of town just before first light and return at midday. It is somewhat of a cultural event and the closest thing to a holiday the humans have in the village.

There is a small section of the town that plays host to travelers, drifters, and the homeless. This shantytown/tent city is somewhat of a legal no man’s land and as long as the peace is kept, the militia and honor guard stay away.


There is a temple near the center of town that plays host to the orders of Pelor and Avandra. Clerics of both faith venture from a nearby monastery to and from the temple on a regular basis. Next to the temple, some might say conveniently, is the town hall. Meetings are held on a monthly basis, overseen by Manoli himself.

Pakkin’s Folly is defended by a citizen militia, made up of a volunteer force of young and old alike. The militia is run by a formally elected leader, Gareth Bonward. They drill on a bi-weekly basis, honing their skills in case of an attack. Such an attack has not occurred in the 150 years since its founding. However, there are rumors of a criminal cartel known as The Bloodghost Syndicate attempting to gain a foothold through loan sharking and protection rackets. Manoli and Captain Anthad deny their very existence.

Pakkin's Folly

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