Races and their roles


The most common race. Humans from all castes populate most civilized areas. By and large they are known to coexist with a majority of the other races, and operate in a majority of jobs.


No one has ever seen or met a Deva. They have a mythical status amongst the humans


Occasionally seen, and oftentimes confused for Halflings, a status they’re more than happy to accept as it keeps their fey status a secret for their own gain.


Mostly reside in the slums of Jakkra. There are also several nomadic tribes known to pass through the area and trade with local merchants.


A large tribe, the Hugragag Tribe, lives within the forest on the southern border of Pakkin’s Folly. They generally avoid the populace, but have been known to enter the farmer’s market and trade with merchants. A majority of humans (and other “civilized” races) refer to them as “savages” and “dirt worshippers.”


A tribe lives in the mountains to the east. Goliaths are generally feared by most humans and other races as powerful, wild savages. In reality, they are gentle creatures who only react violently when provoked.


The Dwarves of Pakkin’s Folly speak of the Dragonborn in hushed, legendary tones. Many people talk of seeing these creatures, but no one can provide any tangible evidence of their existence. They rarely — if ever — travel out of the mountain caves


Boogeymen. The subject of horror stories. Anyone who’s seen a Drow has apparently not lived to tell the tale.


Peacefully dwell in civilization. Caravans annually travel from the mountains to villages like Pakkin’s Folly to sell weapons, armor and other metalcraft. Locals have come to call it “The Celebration of Moradin.”


A precious few have forsaken the Feywild and ventured into the world of humans. These select Eladrin live in the more upscale sections of Jakkra City, where they find a village like Pakkin’s Folly beneath their station.


Cultural outcasts. Some live in the forest near the eastern mountains, while others have ventured into cities and villages, living mostly in the slums, ghettos, and broken down sections. They are subjected to heavy racial prejudice.


Largely merchants, Tieflings are a self-segregating race who tends to consider themselves genetically superior.


Halflings happily live in civilization, integrated and doing mostly blue collar and artistic work.

Races and their roles

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