Surrounding Area

Fainglow Monastery

Located to the southeast of Pakkin’s Folly, roughly a day’s ride away. Fainglow is home to clerics, priests, and paladins of Pelor. Argosius, Caiphon, and Willem Talhart all learned the ways of Pelor there.

Father Nimbus, the head cleric, has served there most of his life and is now near 90. He leads an order of nearly 100 clerics, priests and paladins, all faithfully serving Pelor.

Fainglow was not overlooked in the Vampire Apocalypse. The heroes of Pakkin’s Folly discovered the carnage with all the personnel killed, save one—a librarian named Endrin. He escaped death when Father Nimbus sealed him in the library with all the monastery’s books. Endrin is currently searching for a way to negate the ritual that created the darkness that looms over the land.

Surrounding Area

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