The Bloodghost Syndicate

“Once, we were a clan, united by blood and driven to slay and pillage. Today, we are a syndicate, bound by a desire for profit, power, and luxury. You can shriek your prayers to Bane, beat your axe upon your shield, and cleave the skull of the nearest dwarf, but if you do it near my caravan routes, in the region of my cities, or smash the skull of a dwarf who owes me money, then you will have to deal with me. Keep to your tents and caves. The cities of men are mine.”

Rathos Bloodghost, in a letter sent to Mugol Khan, dark crusader of Bane.

(It is worth noting that the note was affixed to a rapier skewered through the eye socket of Pargalla, dark paladin of Bane, personal champion of Mugol Khan, and the Khan’s envoy to the Bloodghost syndicate.)

A bugbear crime organization operating out of Jakkra City, the Bloodghost Syndicate has its hands in most of the illegal activity in the city. From Loan Sharking to running numbers, to simple confidence schemes, if it’s profitable, there’s a good bet they’re involved. For more high-risk jobs, the Syndicate has been known to use The Press Gang, a group of brutal mercenaries ready to fight for the right cost.

Reeve Krayth Manoli and Captain Anthad have long fought to keep their influence from reaching Pakkin’s Folly, going so far as to even deny the very existence of the Syndicate to concerned townsfolk. They figured an out of sight, out of mind approach would be the best way to handle things, thinking they’d ignore a village as small as Pakkin’s Folly. Several times over the past year, militia members have brought lone bugbears – Syndicate representatives – in front of Manoli and Anthad. These agents were quickly and quietly executed. Manoli and Anthad both hoped this would send a loud and clear message to Gralaa Bloodghost, the Syndicate’s Matron. The tactic apparently worked, until the Vampire Lords moved into Jakkra City. In exchange for the lives of her family members, Graala swore fealty to the Lords, and they began their attempts to eradicate the kingdom of the heroes who fight against their newfound rulers.

The Bloodghost Syndicate

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